Toroidal Transformers

The wide range of Toroidal transformers from 8 to 20KVA, and their configuration of primary/secondary, single, dual, or multiple windings allow to get any required configuration.

Toroidal transformers has a lot of advantages in front of open frames, conventional transformers, radiation, volume/power relation, leakage inductance, low no-load losses, high efficiency, low operating temperature. Their use is highly recommended.


  • Designed and manufactured according EN61558 standard
  • Magnet wire - Grade 2 isolation type
  • Thermal class Materials - B130ºC/266ºF
  • Dielectric strength Pri/Sec-.- ≥ 3,7KVac
  • Ambient temperature 40ºC/104ºF
  • Superior isolation at 5Mohm at 500Vdc
  • Low loses magnetic core
  • Winding identification for colour references
series index

Product series

T002~T003 Series

20,30VA-ta 40ºC/B

Data sheet

T004 Series

40VA-ta 40ºC/B

Data sheet

T005~T006 Series

50,60VA-ta 40ºC/B

Data sheet

T008~T012 Series

80,120VA-ta 40ºC/B

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T016~T020 Series


Data sheet

T025~T033 Series

250,330VA-ta 40ºC/B

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T050~T075 Series

500,750VA-ta 40ºC/B

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T100~T150 Series

1000,1500VA-ta 40ºC/B

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